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Sarah Thacker

Sarah Thacker

Tax Attorney

Sarah knows what it’s like to have the odds stacked against you. The youngest and shyest child in a family of all leaders and no followers, she learned early on that in order to be heard she would actually have to speak louder than everyone else. This skill has helped her in countless occasions: as a middle school cheerleader and basketball player, as a Congressperson in a statewide mock legislature and no more so than as a teacher of both preschool and college students.

With this handy tool at the ready, Sarah ventured to Cleveland where she survived three years of driving in snow and ice to attend her great-grandfather’s alma mater, Case Western Reserve University School of Law. During her second year, she took her first tax law course and found her calling. Upon graduation, Sarah returned to her home state of Texas and received an advanced law degree in taxation. She spent the next few years teaching accounting, tax, and business ethics at UT-Arlington, working for a regional CPA firm, and lending her expertise to Legal Aid of Northwest Texas. In 2008, Sarah decided it was time to move back to North Carolina so she could will her Carolina Hurricanes to another Stanley Cup victory. In that time, she acted as a general counsel for a multi-state technical consulting business, helping to triple revenues in 2 years while also managing risk and ensuring full compliance with various state and federal laws.

Now, Sarah lends her voice to many more clients, assisting small businesses, families, and individuals with disputes concerning their taxes, health care coverage, or other benefits. She enjoys the opportunity to help her clients understand all the intricacies of the law so they can feel more empowered through the process and have confidence that their concerns will be addressed. In her spare time, Sarah can be found letting her two large dogs, Daphne and Lilah, walk her around the neighborhood.


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